DSS Carpinteria: Live until July 8th

“Hey, you’re not the designer for this GB!”

“No, I’m not. But he ( acitrin ) is out of the country, and he needed some help with promoting the GB!”

Quick Facts

  • ABS Sculpted Keycaps
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Estimated Shipping to Customers: Q4 2021
  • Base Kit US Pricing: 120 USD
  • DSS Carpinteria Geekhack Thread
  • Renders Album (all renders by pwade)
  • Kit Album

Collabs & More


DSS Late Harvest: Jabberwocky Giveaway

As part of promoting DSS Late Harvest, I’m giving away one of the last remaining Jabberwocky keyboard prototypes! Details can be found on my Reddit post. Upvotes are always appreciated.

Group Buy preorders for DSS Late Harvest end on May 19th. All plastic kits will be made. Estimated delivery is October 2021.

DSS Late Harvest: Extended to May 19

The Group Buy for DSS Late Harvest has been extended until May 19th!


DSS Late Harvest preorders will be open from April 12th until May 19th. Shipping to customers is estimated for October 2021.

DSS Late Harvest: Coming April 12

My second custom keyset group buy, DSS Late Harvest, was announced earlier this year, and I have recently spruced up its homepage. Based on community feedback, I have made several updates to the set’s kits (including full UK support in base). I have also added several new vendors to the list. The Group Buy is currently scheduled to run from April 12th to May 12th.

About DSS Late Harvest

DSS Late Harvest is a custom keycap set in the DSS profile that combines a classic grey & white pairing with a muted, autumnal approach to vintage RGB mods. It consists of a primary base kit along with three child kits. The base kit provides physical compatibility for a wide range of mainstream and exotic MX-compatible boards and supports both US & UK layouts. The planned child kits provide novelties, unaccented mod options, and “NorDe” localization support.

DSS Late Harvest keycaps will be made with doubleshot ABS plastic and manufactured by Signature Plastics.


For further information on the set, check out the homepage. Be sure to fill out the Interest Check survey if you have further feedback or want to receive an email when the Group Buy begins.

GeekhackInterest Check Thread

KAT Napoleonic: Last Day & Bonus Renders!

Today, December 9th, is the last day of the KAT Napoleonic Group Buy! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind PBT keycap set. To join the Group Buy, simply preorder the keycap kits you require at one of the vendors linked below.

Last Minute Bonus Renders

Huge thanks to manzel for sharing these; he’d made them to inform his own shopping decisions! Keyboard featured is the Polaris by ai03 and kevinplus.


KAT Napoleonic Final Days & Giveaway

Tomorrow, December 9th, is the last day of the KAT Napoleonic Group Buy. Don’t forget to place your order so that you can cover your MX-compatible mechanical keyboard in this historic PBT keyset!

What is KAT Napoleonic?

KAT Napoleonic is a custom dye-sublimated PBT keycap set for MX-compatible mechanical keyboards. It was designed with a focus on early 19th century history as well as wide localization & compatibility. KAT Nap supports over 21 languages and layouts, including several layouts rarely seen in the hobby, like Canadian French, Swiss, Tamil, and Cherokee.

As is common in the custom keyboard hobby, KAT Napoleonic is being sold through a “group buy” process, a sort of limited-time preorder that runs prior to the set being manufactured. Those preorders end tomorrow, and the set will ship some time next year, with my best guess being around October 2021.

KAT Napoleonic Homepage

If you have further questions about how to cover your board with KAT Napoleonic, feel free to join the NoPunIn10Key Discord server: https://discord.gg/cHdFdxPyWY


Cable & Keyboard Giveaway

Over on Reddit, I’ve organized a giveaway of one of the Napoleonic USB micro cables along with a prototype ortholinear keyboard of my own design. The winners will be drawn tomorrow at approximately noon (EST). See the post for further rules & details.

KAT Napoleonic Preorders Open!

The KAT Napoleonic keycap and peripherals collection is now available for preorder! This Group Buy will last until approximately December 9th, 2020. All but two of the vendors (g Heavy & Fancy Customs) are currently live!

Check out the KAT Napoleonic homepage for more renders and all the details.

Where can I buy KAT Napoleonic?

For guidance on what kits to buy for what type of keyboard, check out the KIT Shopping List on the KAT Napoleonic homepage! For more detailed questions, please feel free to ask on my Discord server (NoPunIn10Key).

KAT Napoleonic Peripherals

Deskmats in two sizes and two designs can be purchased from most vendors alongside your keycaps.

Likewise, a limited number of custom USB cables from KustomKeys will be available on MKUltra, myKeyboard.eu, Ashkeebs, and Fancy Customs. These will likely not be available for the entire duration of the Group Buy, as we are limited to approximately 100 cables worldwide.

Finally, we are partnering with Keeb Nerd for official Napoleonic scarves (neck gaiters) and coffee mugs. These are made-to-order and are sold by Keeb Nerd’s own site. Check in with the NoPunIn10Key Discord server for discount codes.

KAT Napoleonic: British Navy Renders and Kit Updates

As announced in the NoPunIn10Key Discord last week, as well as on Reddit, I have added what should be the fortieth and and final kit to the KAT Napoleonic product line: British Navy TKL Mods.

British Navy Mods

Conone by kindakeyboards. Renders by Manzel.

The British Navy kit was added as a response to popular demand for Indigo-colored mods using either English or icon-only legends. The British Navy uniform will only be available as a single alternative mods kit. Its contents are pared down as compared to the standard TKL kits and do not offer quite the same compatibility; the price will be lower to reflect this.

The British Navy Alternative TKL Mods Kit is fully compatible with the French Indigo Numpad kit for full-size keyboards.

Other Kit Updates

Also per popular demand, the Ortho Mods kit in the French Indigo colorway has been updated to use icon-only legends. Additionally, the Doppelkaiser alpha kit (Hungarian & South Slavic Latin) received a minor correction to account for a mislabeled character.

KAT Napoleonic: Updated Renders & New Alphas

We are less than eight weeks from the KAT Napoleonic Group Buy, which starts November 9th. I have new renders and alphas to share, including support for JIS, ANSI-JP, Eurkey, and Latin American Spanish.


First are some new and revised renders from manzel:

  • New: the Abacus numpad by SomeGreekGuy (unreleased). Shown here with the Austrian White numpad kit and the Minard deskmat.
  • Updated: the Boardrun by Shensmobile (IC on Reddit). These renders now show the most up-to-date version of the Uhlan alpha kit, with the Lithuanian legends now shown in red.

Alpha Kit Revisions

Based on survey responses and other feedback, three new kits have been added.

  • Nagasaki
    • Japanese JIS & ANSI-JP layouts
    • Katakana sublegends in gold
    • Compatible with the standard US layout.
    • 3u spacebar included for JIS.
    • Fullwidth / Half-width key included for JIS in all three colorways.
  • Blücher
  • Agustina
    • Spanish (European & Latin American)
    • Replaces the Murat kit

The Austerlitz and João VI alpha kits have been sidelined at this time due to lack of interest.

KAT Napoleonic: Sept. 8th Updates

Multiple updates have been made to the KAT Napoleonic main page.

  1. Vendors
    1. HEX Keyboards has joined on as our Southeast Asia vendor.
  2. Alphas: Error Fixes & Minor Tweaks
    1. Act of Mediation
    2. Alexander
    3. Austerlitz
    4. Bépoleon Nonaparte
    5. Karađorđe
    6. Marie Louise
    7. Pondicherry
    8. Sequoyah
    9. Waterloo
  3. Alphas: Combined Language Redesigns
    1. In the kits below, gold still represents AltGr sublegends for the primary language. Red represents the primary legends of the alternate language.
    2. Alpha kits where two languages are displayed simultaneously, but neither displays AltGr characters, are still slated to use the gold coloration for all sublegends.
    3. Updated Kits:
      1. Chateauguay – Canadian Multilingual & Canadian French
      2. Doppelkaiser – South Slavic Latin & Hungarian (replaces Illyria)
      3. Uhlan – Polish & Lithuanian (will now differ from render)
  4. Alphas: Other Substantial Updates
    1. Bernadotte – Added several keys to provide correct AltGr legends, particularly with regard to the <> key.
    2. João VI – Some legend updates. Clarified in description that this is the European Portuguese layout.
    3. Murat – Removed all AltGr legends in order to expand compatibility to the Italian 142 layout. Clarified in description that this is the European Spanish layout.
  5. Core Mod Updates
    1. Various Russian Green – The 1u version of Backspace is now “Back” instead of “Bksp”.
    2. Various French Indigo – The translations for “Lower” and “Raise”have been updated to “Dimin” and “Augm”
    3. Ortho – Four of the 1.5u keys that were convex are now R2 for better Iris/Corne support. A couple 1u blanks in R2 were also added.
    4. Forties – Major updates to kit contents, particularly for spacebars.
    5. Ergo – Lower/Raise are now R2 to make them usable on the thumb clusters if desired. Two 1u convex blanks were added.
  6. Miscellaneous Kit Updates
    1. Mac & Vortex kit is now back to being just a Mac kit, and its contents were reduced significantly to make it more affordable.
    2. Spacebars kit – Major updates to kit contents.