DSS Late Harvest: Coming April 12

My second custom keyset group buy, DSS Late Harvest, was announced earlier this year, and I have recently spruced up its homepage. Based on community feedback, I have made several updates to the set’s kits (including full UK support in base). I have also added several new vendors to the list. The Group Buy is currently scheduled to run from April 12th to May 12th.

About DSS Late Harvest

DSS Late Harvest is a custom keycap set in the DSS profile that combines a classic grey & white pairing with a muted, autumnal approach to vintage RGB mods. It consists of a primary base kit along with three child kits. The base kit provides physical compatibility for a wide range of mainstream and exotic MX-compatible boards and supports both US & UK layouts. The planned child kits provide novelties, unaccented mod options, and “NorDe” localization support.

DSS Late Harvest keycaps will be made with doubleshot ABS plastic and manufactured by Signature Plastics.

For further information on the set, check out the homepage. Be sure to fill out the Interest Check survey if you have further feedback or want to receive an email when the Group Buy begins.

GeekhackInterest Check Thread

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