KAT Napoleonic Factory Samples: May 2022

After a very long wait, Keyreative is finally at the stage where they’re starting to produce samples of the KAT Napoleonic kits. Color-matching was completed several months back, so the focus now is on overall cap shape / quality, dyesub accuracy, and kit content accuracy. These are the first samples I received post color-matching, and overall I feel like we’re progressing toward a good deliverable product.

  1. These samples consisted of one alpha kit and some assorted mods. It was enough to fill a 60%.
  2. The color quality is great, even on the reverse dyesub keys.
  3. The reverse dyesub keys seem to be a tiny bit shorter than their counterparts.
    1. This is a bit more noticeable for the 1u keys.
    2. The “walls” of the larger mod keys also seem to shrink a bit for reverse dyesub caps, making them just a tiny bit smaller than the alpha keys proportionally.
  4. There are a number of legend alignment issues that I’ve already been in conversation with Keyreative about.

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