DSS Late Harvest: Jabberwocky Giveaway

As part of promoting DSS Late Harvest, I’m giving away one of the last remaining Jabberwocky keyboard prototypes! Details can be found on my Reddit post. Upvotes are always appreciated.

Group Buy preorders for DSS Late Harvest end on May 19th. All plastic kits will be made. Estimated delivery is October 2021.

KAT Napoleonic Final Days & Giveaway

Tomorrow, December 9th, is the last day of the KAT Napoleonic Group Buy. Don’t forget to place your order so that you can cover your MX-compatible mechanical keyboard in this historic PBT keyset!

What is KAT Napoleonic?

KAT Napoleonic is a custom dye-sublimated PBT keycap set for MX-compatible mechanical keyboards. It was designed with a focus on early 19th century history as well as wide localization & compatibility. KAT Nap supports over 21 languages and layouts, including several layouts rarely seen in the hobby, like Canadian French, Swiss, Tamil, and Cherokee.

As is common in the custom keyboard hobby, KAT Napoleonic is being sold through a “group buy” process, a sort of limited-time preorder that runs prior to the set being manufactured. Those preorders end tomorrow, and the set will ship some time next year, with my best guess being around October 2021.

KAT Napoleonic Homepage

If you have further questions about how to cover your board with KAT Napoleonic, feel free to join the NoPunIn10Key Discord server: https://discord.gg/cHdFdxPyWY


Cable & Keyboard Giveaway

Over on Reddit, I’ve organized a giveaway of one of the Napoleonic USB micro cables along with a prototype ortholinear keyboard of my own design. The winners will be drawn tomorrow at approximately noon (EST). See the post for further rules & details.