KAT Napoleonic Preorders Open!

The KAT Napoleonic keycap and peripherals collection is now available for preorder! This Group Buy will last until approximately December 9th, 2020. All but two of the vendors (g Heavy & Fancy Customs) are currently live!

Check out the KAT Napoleonic homepage for more renders and all the details.

Where can I buy KAT Napoleonic?

For guidance on what kits to buy for what type of keyboard, check out the KIT Shopping List on the KAT Napoleonic homepage! For more detailed questions, please feel free to ask on my Discord server (NoPunIn10Key).

KAT Napoleonic Peripherals

Deskmats in two sizes and two designs can be purchased from most vendors alongside your keycaps.

Likewise, a limited number of custom USB cables from KustomKeys will be available on MKUltra, myKeyboard.eu, Ashkeebs, and Fancy Customs. These will likely not be available for the entire duration of the Group Buy, as we are limited to approximately 100 cables worldwide.

Finally, we are partnering with Keeb Nerd for official Napoleonic scarves (neck gaiters) and coffee mugs. These are made-to-order and are sold by Keeb Nerd’s own site. Check in with the NoPunIn10Key Discord server for discount codes.

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