KAT Napoleonic: British Navy Renders and Kit Updates

As announced in the NoPunIn10Key Discord last week, as well as on Reddit, I have added what should be the fortieth and and final kit to the KAT Napoleonic product line: British Navy TKL Mods.

British Navy Mods

Conone by kindakeyboards. Renders by Manzel.

The British Navy kit was added as a response to popular demand for Indigo-colored mods using either English or icon-only legends. The British Navy uniform will only be available as a single alternative mods kit. Its contents are pared down as compared to the standard TKL kits and do not offer quite the same compatibility; the price will be lower to reflect this.

The British Navy Alternative TKL Mods Kit is fully compatible with the French Indigo Numpad kit for full-size keyboards.

Other Kit Updates

Also per popular demand, the Ortho Mods kit in the French Indigo colorway has been updated to use icon-only legends. Additionally, the Doppelkaiser alpha kit (Hungarian & South Slavic Latin) received a minor correction to account for a mislabeled character.

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