KAT Napoleonic: Sept. 8th Updates

Multiple updates have been made to the KAT Napoleonic main page.

  1. Vendors
    1. HEX Keyboards has joined on as our Southeast Asia vendor.
  2. Alphas: Error Fixes & Minor Tweaks
    1. Act of Mediation
    2. Alexander
    3. Austerlitz
    4. Bépoleon Nonaparte
    5. Karađorđe
    6. Marie Louise
    7. Pondicherry
    8. Sequoyah
    9. Waterloo
  3. Alphas: Combined Language Redesigns
    1. In the kits below, gold still represents AltGr sublegends for the primary language. Red represents the primary legends of the alternate language.
    2. Alpha kits where two languages are displayed simultaneously, but neither displays AltGr characters, are still slated to use the gold coloration for all sublegends.
    3. Updated Kits:
      1. Chateauguay – Canadian Multilingual & Canadian French
      2. Doppelkaiser – South Slavic Latin & Hungarian (replaces Illyria)
      3. Uhlan – Polish & Lithuanian (will now differ from render)
  4. Alphas: Other Substantial Updates
    1. Bernadotte – Added several keys to provide correct AltGr legends, particularly with regard to the <> key.
    2. João VI – Some legend updates. Clarified in description that this is the European Portuguese layout.
    3. Murat – Removed all AltGr legends in order to expand compatibility to the Italian 142 layout. Clarified in description that this is the European Spanish layout.
  5. Core Mod Updates
    1. Various Russian Green – The 1u version of Backspace is now “Back” instead of “Bksp”.
    2. Various French Indigo – The translations for “Lower” and “Raise”have been updated to “Dimin” and “Augm”
    3. Ortho – Four of the 1.5u keys that were convex are now R2 for better Iris/Corne support. A couple 1u blanks in R2 were also added.
    4. Forties – Major updates to kit contents, particularly for spacebars.
    5. Ergo – Lower/Raise are now R2 to make them usable on the thumb clusters if desired. Two 1u convex blanks were added.
  6. Miscellaneous Kit Updates
    1. Mac & Vortex kit is now back to being just a Mac kit, and its contents were reduced significantly to make it more affordable.
    2. Spacebars kit – Major updates to kit contents.

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