The force is strong with this pun

luke is seduced by the dork side of the force pun cartoon

Dorks, nerds and geeks. Not sure which group I fit into back in the day. I did have glasses with tape on them if that helps with the categorizing. Now I’m all grown up with a web comic. Progress.

Chill out dude

Everybody gets the winter blues. Probably due to the lack of sun. But at least I don’t have to endure the extremes at the poles. I don’t think I could bear it.

He didn’t make the cut

You have to give her some credit. ¬†At least she did this in person and didn’t send a John Deere letter.

Is Apple cutting corners?

With all the hype about the new iPad 3 coming out I thought it was time to reveal my prediction of what the next device will be. Call me obtuse if you like but I think this digital media device could corner the market.

Solving crime is so taxing

I’m all for any way to reduce my taxes. I wonder if a donation to the school scholarship fund would be appropriate. Elementary of course.

I see right through his sales pitch

Yes. It is a lame joke. But no worse than the jokes at the People’s Choice Awards.

Take a back seat

Although this chair may cause pain in your trunk the easy payment termite change your mind.

Metal working

Not my musical genre of choice. I prefer classical. But you probably think that’s for pansies.

Feeling a bit run down

Maybe the driver had a little too much to drink at the communist party.

Shave this for later

Apparently the horse was not amused either. Just look at his long face.