NoPunIn10Did LLC

Welcome to the home of NoPunIn10Did LLC, a sole proprietorship owned and operated by W. Alex Ronke. This site serves a dual role: first as the home of my commercial keyboard-related product design projects, and second as a permanent home for the Diplomacy variants that I create and run.


While I have long had some interest in keyboards and input device technology, this interest crystallized into a devoted hobby circa 2018. It was at that point that I fell down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole and discovered an avenue of technology that was simultaneously accessible, useful, creative, and customizable. I began purchasing and customizing my own keyboards, starting with running keycap “group buys” (a form of preorder) and eventually moving to selling my own keyboard PCBs and designs.

While this is not a traditional e-commerce site, projects for which I am the vendor (like the Jabberwocky) also include an order form (with the transactions themselves handled via Paypal invoice or similar).

As part of my keyboard work, I have been a contributor to the QMK open source Github repository as well as the public release of two of my experimental keyboards: the Railroad and Kastenwagen.


Additionally, I use this site to host variant sessions of the board game Diplomacy, and I make frequent posts on this topic as turns progress. I have been creating Diplomacy variants and GMing games since 2016, and I host PDF copies of rules for several variants here on the site. These variants include:

  • 1812 Overture, a 6-player variant that ties together the two wars of 1812 in North America and Europe
  • Dissolution, a 10-player variant set in the aftermath of the cold war
  • Chesspolitik, a pair of variants for 2 or 4 players that act as a mashup of Chess and Diplomacy
  • Order of the Dragon, a 10-player variant set in Europe at the beginning of the 15th century

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My Discord Server for keyboard projects: NoPunIn10Key

My Discord Server for Diplomacy games: NoPun Diplomacy Variants