GMK WS1 Ergo & Ortho Blanks

GMK WS1 Ergo & Ortho Blanks is a custom keyset in the Cherry profile manufactured in high-quality ABS plastic by GMK electronic design GmbH. It consists of a single kit containing blank keycaps in one of the most commonly used GMK stock colors: WS1 white. These keys are compatible with a wide range of Ergodoxian & Ortholinear boards, many of which can be seen in the list below. They can either be used on their own (for a fully blank layout) or as an addon, making it easy to adapt a separate set of Cherry profile keycaps (not included) to an Ergo or Ortho layout.

Example Boards Supported

  • Ergodox EZ & Moonlander by ZSA
  • Boardwalk & Boardrun Classic by Shensmobile & MKUltra
  • Sol & Mün by RGBKB
  • Planck & Preonic by OLKB
  • Iris & Levinson by
  • Ergodox, Ergodash & Atreus62_FT by Falba.Tech
  • Gergo by g Heavy Industries
  • and many more!

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The dates for the Group Buy (GB) have not yet been set. During the GB period, the following vendors will host preorders of GMK WS1 Blanks.

MOQ, Pricing, & Bulk Discounts

Customer pricing is not yet finalized, but based on the quotes I would estimate that the US pricing will be around 60.00-70.00 USD, possibly much less. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is currently slated to be 250 units, though that may change.

Unlike a typical GB, we will be offering a bulk discount to resellers at a greatly reduced margin. After the GB completes, it is my hope that GMK WS1 Blanks will serve as an excellent in-stock item for keyset sellers worldwide. I believe it will help fill a niche for high-quality, highly-available Cherry profile Ergo keycaps (which, from personal experience, can be very difficult to procure).

Vendors interested in the bulk purchases should contact me via Discord or register your interest with the Survey. Pricing will vary by locale and quantity purchased; further discounts are possible for vendors with an established relationship with GMK.

Kit Contents

R11.5u2Side mods
R21.5u6Side & central mods
R31.5u2Side mods
R41.5u4Side mods
R11.0u16Alphas, side/central mods & thumb clusters
R21.0u16Alphas, side/central mods & thumb clusters
R31.0u10Alphas & side/central mods
R31.0u2BarredHoming alphas
R41.0u24Alphas, side/central/bottom mods
R2/32.0u4VerticalThumb clusters


This section contains rendered images of boards containing solely the blank keycaps alongside boards using this kit as an addon with other custom GMK or JTK alpha keycaps.

All GMK WS1 Blanks will use GMK’s stock WS1 white plastic. Other sets and alpha colorways (not included) are approximated to the best of our abilities. Please note that some inaccuracy is always possible in rendered representations of color. All renders performed by PWade3.

Sol 3 (featuring JTK Griseann)

JTK Griseann used with permission from HoodrowThrillson. Sol 3 keyboard used by permission from RGBKB (GB upcoming in May 2021).

Minorca (featuring GMK Deep Navy)

GMK Deep Navy used with permission from *tom. Minorca keyboard by alex (Panc Interactive).

Boardwalk Campine (featuring JTK Royal Alpha)

JTK Royal Alpha used with permission from HoodrowThrillson. Campine keyboard by alex (Panc Interactive). Configured with Boardwalk PCB by Shensmobile & MKUltra.

Boardrun CNC (featuring GMK Taro)

GMK Taro used with permission from PWade3. Boardrun CNC edition used with permission from Shensmobile. Check MKUltra for future availability of the Boardrun Classic, Boardrun Bizarre, and Boardrun CNC.

The best way to get in touch with me is via my Discord server (linked below). Please feel free to ask questions and provide suggestions there or on the linked Geekhack thread.

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