OOD [1b] 1460: Game Over

Order of the Dragon [1b]: Game Over

OOD session 1b has come to an end in a Draw, as voted on by the surviving players via their standing draw votes.

Big congratulations to Strange for topping the board!

Rank SCs Elim Pow Player
==== === ==== === ====
 1st  15      MA  Strange
 2nd  13      LI  Bagle 
 3rd  11      NA  celebrimb0r 
 4th  10      BU  Walshie
 5th   7      GH  David Colin Gould
 6th   5      EN  Elisha    
 7th     1450 HU  Bilbert
 8th     1445 KU  Vook
9/10     1420 CA  Marcus Aurelius
9/10     1420 OT  Rewarsd 

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