Mastodon & Other Social Media

With the Elon Musk implosion of Twitter (which I admittedly didn’t use much anyway) I thought it might be worthwhile to take another stab at using Mastodon for social media.

This will also serve as the landing page for people linking to my site from my Mastodon metadata. If you’re just arriving, check out the menu to see posts on my two topics of choice: mechanical keyboards and Diplomacy board game variants.

NoPunIn10Did on Mastodon.Social

Additional Social Media Links

NoPunIn10Did on Instagram

u/DiplomacyPunIn10Did on Reddit
(still angry some inactive account has the “NoPunIn10Did” username claimed already)

NoPunIn10Did#8458 on Discord

My Discord Server for keyboard projects: NoPunIn10Key

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