Keycaps & Tournaments

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a non-Diplomacy-related project: a custom mechanical keyboard keycap set called KAT Napoleonic. I’ll be hosting information about it here, since this is the WordPress site that I already have up-and-running.

As of my writing this post, the page for KAT Napoleonic is not yet publicly viewable; that will probably change in the next few weeks.

In Diplomacy variant news, I am getting ready to host another Tournament Through Time in 2021. Similar to the 2018 Tournament Through Time, the 2021 TTT will be a series of advanced Dip variant games played online via Discord over the course of the year. This time, the tournament will not be team-based, though players will be able to appoint proxies to play on their behalf during periodic absences. I’ve enlisted some assistant GMs to be able to run more than one board per round, and my plan is to have three rounds total, with each round fielding approx. 3 tables.

Similar to many face-to-face tournaments, the final round will include a “top table” made up of the highest-ranked players so far. The winner of the top table will be the victor of the whole tournament, while other awards will go to the players with the highest scores. Players whose scores were “Best in Division” will likewise be recognized (a multi-variant equivalent to “Best <Country>” awards).

Official registration has begun (quietly), with all rules and planning currently posted in the 2021 TTT Discord Server. Additionally, check out the registration form if you are interested in competing.

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